Hans-Maria Darnov – Biography

24.5.1951 born in Vienna, where I lived until 1980

​1956-1970 School time. During my school time I studied piano for 13 years, classical dance, and took all the cultural advantages, Vienna is famous for, including the coffee houses.

​1970 / 71 Army

​1971/72 Majorca, where I worked as a tourist guide.

​1972-79 I studied Romanistic languages in Vienna and Paris (Sorbonne), I got a scholarship and taught German literature in Lycée Chaptal. During my studies I continued to work as a tourist guide in various places like London, Paris and Majorca, and sometimes as a night receptionist in a first Class Hotel in Vienna.

​1979 during a rehearsal of Richard III in Stratford upon Avon sudden decision to become an actor. By chance I could follow the classes of Susan Batson and Dominique de Fazio, teachers of the Actors Studio until 1981.

​1982 first main part in a German TV movie in Munich. So I moved to Germany, playing in different theatres and over 60 German TV movies thus far.

​Another expression of my being is writing poems and painting. Some of my poems on video >>> Lyrik – Audio, but also on youtube and vimeo). Another important imprint in my life was the meeting with Tibetan Lamas in 1984.

​I have strongly felt the truth and the living compassion in the heart of these people. When I met the Dalai Lama he said laughing one of the best sentences I ever heard: “In Christianity a loving God throws you into hell, in Buddhism you do it yourself with your words and thoughts and actions.”

Size 176

Confection 50-52

Shoes 44

Shirt L / 39/40

Head 56

Eyes brown-green

Voice: high baritone

Languages: English & French fluently, Spanish middle

Dialect: Viennese